Guidelines for Submissions

*A Note About Gender

* The Holy Male is curious about the spiritual, artistic and sexual lives of gay and queer male identifying folks. 


However, we recognize that gender is a construct, an illusion even, and so we encourage any person who describes themselves as non-binary, gender fluid or any other gender variant to participate and share their voices and lives with us in our publication.


If you don't identify as male, but are drawn to our content and want to participate, please don't hesitate to contact us with ideas and suggestions.

The Holy Male is is a literary and artistic magazine. We are looking for submissions of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction (essays, interviews, memoirs, biography, literary journalism, social or cultural commentary or analysis) and visual art that can be reproduced in the magazine.

We are looking for works that push boundaries creatively and socially. We believe art can connect people to their own and others’ humanity as well as their spirituality.  Our magazine is closer to an 'art book' than a traditional magazine, in the sense that you won't find '10 tips to snag a guy' but might come across a prose piece about a man's sexy encounter with a spirit during a psilocybin trip , or an interview with an artist who gives butt massage as a healing practice.

Some topics we've explored in the magazine

  • Reincarnation and Queer People

  • Kitchen Witch Magic

  • Sex Work as Healing Work

  • Astral Travel

  • Healing Religious Wounds

  • Holistic health and Gay men's wellness

We also have interviews with artists and writers, and everyday guys, we publish poetry and stories about love, sex, art, magic, joyful living, mindfulness and healing/


Before you submit your work we ask you have a look around our Facebook  Instagram and Tumblr, and familiarize yourself with our brand and tone of voice. Our tone is intelligent, plain-talking, inclusive and offbeat. Think Vice magazine meets Yoga Journal meets Gawker.

* if you have an idea for an article, interview or something else, please don't be shy and do send us a message with your thoughts.

* at the moment we are unable to pay for submissions. 

We receive a lot of submissions and do our best to get back to everyone in a timely manner. We are a team of one so we ask that you please have patience while we get back to you with our response to your submission.

Our magazine is not a monthly publication. We will let you know when you're piece should be expected to appear in the magazine.


All contributors will receive a free hard copy of the publication. 

Photography + Illustration + Art: 

- We look for art and photography to accompany written work in the magazine, and we also publish art and photo essays with text by the artist.


- PDF’s of portfolios will be accepted and may be low-resolution images for evaluation, but artists must be able to supply high-res images for publication. 

- If we can see pixels in your submitted work we will not be able to publish them in the magazine. Only high resolution images will be included in 300 dpi please.

- We primarily print in black and white with the exception of our covers and some pieces we feel will simply loose their spirit if lacking colour.

- Please submit 5-10 examples of your work

- Please include a small bio of yourself with links to your website/blog and social media.



Written work:


- Please submit all written work as a Word doc. With the title of the article and your name in the file name. Please also include your bio and the genre of the work. 

- Depending on the article, all initial submissions of 500-1,200 words is sufficient.


- Please make sure to have someone else check your work before submitting, we will edit as well but it's always nice to have a pal look over your work to catch anything glaring early on.


- Please include a small bio of yourself with links to your website/blog and social media.

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