the holy male MANIFESTO

The Holy Male was a happy accident. Born out of necessity, and self-fertilization, it knew it had a place in the world and willed itself into existence through the delightful hands and hearts of men from around the world.

The Holy Male seeks to give voice to the spiritual lives of gay, bi, trans, queer and non-binary male / sometimes male identifying folks and while doing so allowing them to express the breadth of their experience in its totality, including the crude and sexy bits.  

We aim to use mind, body, and spirit to create art, words, and ritual, we share this experience through print and various artistic modalities, but always with the intention of healing and mending the hearts and souls of male identifying folks.

We wish to make visible the nudging of our hearts and to praise the vulnerable and the ugly and to live lives of honesty. We want to be an antidote to the mass of garbage that has been piled high on the male psyche, shrouding its mysteries and potential for good with guilt, shame, and confusion.  

We recognize that gender is a construct. We welcome anyone who feels they identify as the male in form. Knowing spirits nor humans have a true gender, we acknowledge that lines are blurred and bodies are bliss in action. 

We also welcome any being who's form may be fluid in this realm, perhaps borderless and non binary,  or genderless. If your soul is connected to our content, your form, regardless of its description is welcome.

We wish to unveil the often-overlooked circumcision of the heart from the head of the boy-child in our society and dare to seek remedies for its quick rejuvenation through self-love, sacred sexuality, art, spirituality, and community. 

We embrace the contradictions of the universe and the sweet perfection that rests within it. The Holy Male does not ask for approval nor respect, and it does not seek acceptance or understanding nor adoration or praise. It aims to exist as silence does, unwavering, and exquisite. Living instead, as nature exists in a state of brutal and beautiful non-duality, as cleansing as fire and as unrelenting as a flood.

We aim to show that we are not flat, we are not usual, and we are not unique, we are neither simple nor complicated. We are everything and nothing, and we can be beautiful and frightening all at once. 

The Holy Male is a thread that grounds centuries of gay/queer spirits together here, and now. It is a receptacle of all things precious and sacred to the physical form of the self-identified male in this reality. While it acknowledges the impermanence of the body and the mind in this reality; it seeks to use it, to its advantage by being a bringer of light, love, compassion, and understanding. 

The Holy Male is an aspiring magical tome.

It is the book of shadows of a gay/queer coven of people dedicated to the lightening of hearts and healing of wounds.

It is a seedling with the promise of adulthood and longs to grow healthy and sensible, filled up with wisdom.

The Holy Male requires your voice and invites you to be a part of a moving inward, a new reality.

We welcome you to join us in the adventure of casting the energies of excitement and unity; we wish to be inclusive and ever expanding, help us bring more light to the spiritual lives of people everywhere and create a community in this dimension that reflects the multifaceted diamond that is our experience. 

and so it is.

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